3 Misconceptions About Kinstretch®

In my time as a Kinstretch® instructor, I have found difficulty in helping potential participants understand exactly what it is, what it isn’t and why it’s such a powerful system for all things related to movement health. That said, I wanted to discuss a few of the most common misconceptions I have come across. IContinue reading “3 Misconceptions About Kinstretch®”

Kinstretch® Feature in Men’s Health

I’m excited to share this 3 page spread that is featured in this month’s Men’s Health Magazine.  The article was written by Andrew Gutman and photographed by G.L. Askew II.  There are interviews with the developer of the Kinstretch® system, @drandreospina, and great demonstrations of a few moves.  But that’s enough from me. Have a read for yourself!

What does “No Bull” mean to me?

Brutally honest… I’m not crazy about the name of my business; but, I’ve got a lot of skin in the game and I ain’t about to change it! To me, “No Bull” has ALWAYS meant that I am here to be objective, yet compassionate. It has always meant that my interests lie not in fulfillingContinue reading “What does “No Bull” mean to me?”


Still craving more information about Kinstretch®?  Kinstretch® is a movement practice that prepares your body to do whatever it is that you want your body to do.  This movement enhancement system develops maximum body control, flexibility and most importantly, USABLE ranges of motion. The techniques utilized in a Kinstretch® practice are selected based how they will help with body control,Continue reading “What is KINSTRETCH®?”

Greens For Good Luck!

Saint Patrick’s Day is today, and you may be thinking you need to carry around your shamrock for good-luck and health, right? While there may not be evidence backing the “good-luck” that the shamrock is attributed, there is much evidence backing the healthful benefits of plants in the diet. Different types of fruits and vegetables canContinue reading “Greens For Good Luck!”

Beat the Winter Blues

How about that weather? No, I’m not trying to make small talk. You may have noticed the weather has been fluctuating during the seasonal change, and that can seriously affect the way you feel. There is a name for what you may be feeling – seasonal affective disorder. SAD is distinguished by annual depressions thatContinue reading “Beat the Winter Blues”

Feeling down? Your diet may be to blame.

Have you ever found yourself in a slump? Feel tired frequently? Do you feel less productive at work or school? You’re not alone; but, have you ever thought about why you feel this way? There’s a high probability  that your diet plays a significant role. There have been multiple studies done that show how largeContinue reading “Feeling down? Your diet may be to blame.”

Exercise Myth: “Spot Reduction” Training

“What can I do to lose fat in “X” areas?” A question, or a variation of, that I receive fairly often. This question is alluding to a training method referred to as “spot reduction” or “the localized reduction of subcutaneous fat as a result of exercising that particular part of the body.” 1 This typeContinue reading “Exercise Myth: “Spot Reduction” Training”

Amino Acid Supplementation

As many of you may know, exercise and physical activity can cause your body to be sore for many days following. This soreness is often referred to as delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS. Amongst athletes and fitness enthusiasts, a frequent remedy for improved muscle recovery is the supplementation of amino acids. Amino Acids areContinue reading “Amino Acid Supplementation”