My mission is to provide humans with accountability, compassion, knowledge and resources that promote long-term, sustainable health and performance.


“Before I met Tarek, I never really worked out. As I neared 50 years old, and given my sedentary lifestyle, I decided that I needed to focus on my health. I have been with Tarek for almost a year and a half and I am sure that I would not have kept up with working out if not for him. I was initially intimidated about working out; but, Tarek quickly changed my attitude. His focus is not on lifting the most weight, or doing the most reps. It is on doing the exercises correctly, safely and giving your best effort. He focuses on what I want to accomplish and designs workouts to help me achieve those goals. Tarek is constantly changing our workouts to challenge areas where I need help. I have enjoyed Tarek as my trainer and have greatly increased my strength, health and overall attitude. I would highly recommend anyone who is seeking a personal trainer to contact Tarek.”

Steven, May 2016

“When I met Tarek, my health was not a top priority for me. I never worked out or did anything to live a healthier life. I had horrible back pain and chronic kidney stones and I never had a day when I didn’t feel pain or sick. Since I’ve been working with him, he has taught me better eating habits, which helped me greatly with my kidney stones. He has helped with everything from nutrition to breathing exercises, to my posture. In one month, my posture has improved so much that my back pain virtually disappeared and I’ve never felt better. Working with Tarek for the past year and a half has definitely changed my life and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. He is a great personal trainer and if I wasn’t moving away I would train with him for as long as I could!”

Kelsey, July 2016