Functional Range Systems®

Functional Range Systems, or FRS® is a powerful one-of-a-kind approach developed by @drandreospina. It increases useable range of motion, improves mobility, boosts control, maximizes strength, ramps up resilience, enhances athletic performance, decreases incidence of injury, and promotes recovery from injuries. 


Looking for private training? FRC® is a mobility and joint control training system that works by expanding the body’s ranges of motion, while simultaneously training you to control these newly acquired ranges. Perform better and actively prevent injury. At $500, your Introductory Package includes an initial consultation, a Full FRA and 3 private training sessions. 


Got a problem area? FRA® is a joint by joint assessment tool used to track your mobility progress through quantitative measurements. This information is utilized to create a safe and progressive program. Starting at $300, a Localized FRA® includes a joint specific mobility assessment and two private FRC® based training sessions designed to address that problem area.


Private training not in the budget? KINSTRETCH® is a movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility and useable ranges of motion. KINSTRETCH® utilizes principles of FRC® in a group setting. This movement practice prepares your body to do whatever it is that you want your body to do.  Join us for an online Drop-in KINSTRETCH® class starting at just $15 per class. 

Let’s find your fit.