Functional Range Systems®

Functional Range Systems, or FRS® is a powerful one-of-a-kind approach developed by @drandreospina. It increases useable range of motion, improves mobility, boosts control, maximizes strength, ramps up resilience, enhances athletic performance, decreases incidence of injury, and promotes recovery from injuries. 


FRC® is a mobility and joint control training system that works by expanding the body’s ranges of motion, while simultaneously training you to control these newly acquired ranges. Make no mistake about it, joint training IS strength training. Also known as internal training. Build strength, increase flexibility, perform better and actively prevent injury.


FRA® is a joint by joint assessment tool used to quantifiably measure fundamental joint motion. This information is utilized to create a safe and progressive exercise program as well as to track your progress. Got a problem area? Can’t commit to weekly sessions? Ask about receiving a Localized FRA® and a joint specific training plan!


Utilizing the principles of FRC® training in a group setting, Kinstretch® is a movement enhancement system unlike any other. This system is a direct application of the science regarding stretching AND strength. Build strength, increase resiliency and eliminate pain with Kinstretch®. Ask to get on the email list for weekly class schedules!

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