Tarek Makled, Owner

“From competitive athletes to the ‘average person’, my goal is to help you be better at whatever movement activity you want to improve.”

Meet Tarek Makled. Tarek has been a certified personal trainer for 6+ years and is the No Bull Personal Training founder. No Bull Personal Training is a private, semi-private, and small group fitness studio located in Shelby Township, Michigan.

Your long-term health and performance is my top priority.

-Tarek Makled-

Through an objective assessment, Tarek will put a plan in place based on where you currently stand and where you want to be. Your plan will reflect everything from your goals to your medical & injury history to the time you have available & are willing to commit to your training.

Tarek uses this method to insure that you both understand what is stopping you from performing at your highest potential. He uses this information to design your personalized program to build strength and mobility exactly where you need it most. So you will perform better than you ever imagined.

Come meet Tarek Makled.