No Bull Personal Training offers a variety of services tailored to fit your needs.

Private Training

Receive an all encompassing, assessment based program tailored specifically to your needs. Your trainer will ensure that your program builds on your strengths and attacks your weaknesses. Whether you’re looking to increase mobility, build strength or perform in your sport, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to set up a FREE 15 minute introductory call.

Adult Performance Classes

Adult Performance Classes are designed to help you move better and feel healthier than ever before. Adult Performance Classes are best for those with moderate to high exercise experience. Your coach will lead you from start to finish, helping you to properly execute your exercises. Sessions are 55 minutes. Not sure if APC’s are for you? Reach out and we’ll help you find your best fit!

Group Athletic Training

Our goal is to educate and guide athletes in gaining strength, speed and mobility in ways that promote long-term, sustainable, health and performance. We aim to provide training tools that athletes can utilize not just for their sport, but for their lives as well. Tarek works with Total Package Hockey Detroit as their Head Strength Coach.

Let’s find your fit.