What does “No Bull” mean to me?

Brutally honest… I’m not crazy about the name of my business; but, I’ve got a lot of skin in the game and I ain’t about to change it!

To me, “No Bull” has ALWAYS meant that I am here to be objective, yet compassionate. It has always meant that my interests lie not in fulfilling the predisposition of how personal trainers are regarded in our culture; but in solving problems in ways that actually respect the biological nature of the human species. Too deep? Ehh, I can literally change the expression of your cells based on the stimulus(exercise) I put on your body. That’s a pretty darn big deal if you ask me. And I do not take it lightly!

“No Bull” is often associated with “No pain, no gain”, “No excuses” and mantras alike. Mantras of which I actually despise. Mantras that I definitely don’t believe to be conducive to sustainable health and performance most of the time. I OBVIOUSLY understand how, on the surface, No Bull Personal Training would be interpreted that way – It’s just not what it has ever meant to me. If not fulfilling our culture’s predispositions means keeping you safe and putting you on a better path, then, sorry not sorry. IT’S BECAUSE I CARE. Seriously.

To me(6 years ago and now), NBPT is a representation of the direction I want the industry to go. Though my techniques have adapted and my perspectives have broadened, I’ve been guided in the belief that many of the solutions we search for lie in the evolutionary biology of the human species, not culturally derived fallacies.

What are we evolutionarily designed to do? What are we doing? What are we doing to make-up for the fact that we are not doing what we are evolutionarily designed to do?

Published by Tarek Makled

My name is Tarek Makled. I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Functional Range Assessment Specialist, Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist, and a Licensed Kinstretch Instructor. I am also Adult First Aid/CPR/AED Certified.

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