3 Misconceptions About Kinstretch®

In my time as a Kinstretch® instructor, I have found difficulty in helping potential participants understand exactly what it is, what it isn’t and why it’s such a powerful system for all things related to movement health. That said, I wanted to discuss a few of the most common misconceptions I have come across. I hope this clears some things up!

  1. It’s just a “stretching” class

Stretching is a method used to improve your body’s ability to attain a desired position. So, yes, stretching is a huge component of Kinstretch®; BUT, once your body is able to achieve a desired position, it’s important that we teach our body how to exert force (display strength) in that position. That is what we do in Kinstretch®. Kinstretch® is the application of the scientific principles of stretching AND strength. Kinstretch® IS a strength training class.

  1. It’s easy

Is strength training easy? Of course not. The physical and mental demand is high – just “going through the motions” doesn’t cut it. Want results? You have to be consistent, willing to learn, and have to build a connection between your mind and your movement.

  1. It’s like Yoga

In my opinion and based on my personal experience as well as the experience many of my participants have expressed to me, Kinstretch® is much more specific and intentional than Yoga. In Kinstretch®, you’ll specifically address the joint restrictions that are stopping you from attaining and moving in and out of the positions you practice in Yoga. The goal of Kinstretch® is not to attain a certain “form” but to to attain better functioning joints. Better functioning joints = a body that is better at the things you do with it.

Ultimately, the best way to understand Kinstretch® is to experience it for yourself. Take a few classes and see what it’s all about, you will thank yourself. If you’re not in my area, reach out and I’ll help you find a Kinstretch® provider near you!

I would love to hear from you! How does your experience with Kinstretch® compare to your initial expectation?

Published by Tarek Makled

My name is Tarek Makled. I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Functional Range Assessment Specialist, Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist, and a Licensed Kinstretch Instructor. I am also Adult First Aid/CPR/AED Certified.

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